Live By Night

Gangster film set in the 20’s. Firstly the 20’s look so cool, I think I would have done well in that era. They have funky cars with massive steering wheels and the women are covered in curls,make up and glitter.

Secondly, Ben Affleck who plays Joe Coughlin must have had the time of his life filming this role. Guns, girls and running away from the cops… but seriously Zoe Saldana who plays Graciela is insanely beautiful.

The film is a good watch and gets better as you go, especially the ending. Shocking ending. I thought it made the film much better… like knocked it up a point on the 1-10 scale.

Part of the film refers to a gang trying to open their own casino and one character is protesting against gambling because it is a sin… I look over at my boyfriend and what is he doing? Checking his football bets. Pretty ironic. What confused me is the lady is protesting against gambling yet in every scene approx 2.5 people are shot and no one bats an eye lid… eh hello!?

Time to start questioning the world around us…”What if this is heaven? Right here. Were in it now.”

“So why doesn’t it feel like heaven? … Because we fucked it up”*Que the over thinking about how humans have ruined the planet* *Skip to blaming it all on Trump*

Was this film life changing?

Hmmm not really. Maybe if Leonardo DiCaprio played the main character but overall a good film.

You only get one guaranteed life, so live it.


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