A film by the makers of Frozen…

Meaning there will be singing and a cute character that makes you go “awww” every scene it’s in. In this case is was a micro-pig!

Firstly the film will confuses you by letting you get into a beginning of a short movie which turns out to be a long clip trying to teach a life lesson about following your heart instead of your brain. THIS IS NOT THE FILM! THERE ARE NO CUTE PIGS.

This film will make your desire to go to a white sanded island with crystal clear waters ten times worse… and the need to buy a micro pig.

The singing wasn’t too much and they didn’t have a mega catchy song like ‘Let it go’ so your children wont be bursting your eardrums. I spent about 80% of the time listening very closely to ‘Maui’ trying to figure out who did the voice over for him as I refused to Google it.

Is this film life changing?

Not for me BUT I will make my future children watch this film as it might be for them. Its nice to see a Disney film without a Princess in a big dress getting attention from a handsome prince. Buy a micro pig, travel the world, defeat a lava monster. Maybe meet a prince in the mean time.

…Also chickens are thick… but also funny.


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