Live By Night

Gangster film set in the 20’s. Firstly the 20’s look so cool, I think I would have done well in that era. They have funky cars with massive steering wheels and the women are covered in curls,make up and glitter.

Secondly, Ben Affleck who plays Joe Coughlin must have had the time of his life filming this role. Guns, girls and running away from the cops… but seriously Zoe Saldana who plays Graciela is insanely beautiful.

The film is a good watch and gets better as you go, especially the ending. Shocking ending. I thought it made the film much better… like knocked it up a point on the 1-10 scale.

Part of the film refers to a gang trying to open their own casino and one character is protesting against gambling because it is a sin… I look over at my boyfriend and what is he doing? Checking his football bets. Pretty ironic. What confused me is the lady is protesting against gambling yet in every scene approx 2.5 people are shot and no one bats an eye lid… eh hello!?

Time to start questioning the world around us…”What if this is heaven? Right here. Were in it now.”

“So why doesn’t it feel like heaven? … Because we fucked it up”*Que the over thinking about how humans have ruined the planet* *Skip to blaming it all on Trump*

Was this film life changing?

Hmmm not really. Maybe if Leonardo DiCaprio played the main character but overall a good film.

You only get one guaranteed life, so live it.



I write reviews by literally writing down what’s in my mind  after I’ve watched a film. After watching Silence, silence is pretty much all there was…

Hands up we left before it ended but I was bored out of my brain I even started people watching… in a cinema… people don’t move much in the cinema… so you can imagine. Glanced at my boyfriend a few times and he was head back, mouth open full on asleep.

Just over half way through the film someone gets their head sliced off… that was pretty cool. It was the only slight part of action to that point but most of the film was Andrew Garfield speaking in a bizarre accent and everyone else speaking in a hushed tone.

…If only Andrew Garfield got his Spider-Man costume back out for one more time then the film would’ve been slightly more interesting.

Life changing? Eh no.

La La Land

Have you ever watched a film and small parts are really relatable to your life at the time? Like a scary amount…

Part of this maybe because my boyfriend and I are very similar to ‘Miah’ and ‘Sebastian’ played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling . Of course we don’t burst into song and dance… okay maybe now and then in the kitchen while we’re cooking dinner.

Similar as in the sarcasm, debating over likes and dislikes and the encouragement to follow and work hard for what makes you happy and dont give a fuck about what anyone else says.

This is definitely a must see film and im not being biased because im a fan of Emma Stone it actually is a really upbeat motivational film with really good acting. I can tell if i’m really into a film or not by how much I squeeze my boyfriends hand throughout, seeing as we cant talk in the cinema it’s my way of communicating. Hand was squeezed multiple times. Sorry not sorry.

At first I was skeptical about it being a musical but the music was actually really nice – *Plays soundtrack on Spotify *. In fact as soon as Sebastian started playing the piano I think the whole cinema felt the urge to look into piano lessons.

One thing I hate about films is when the writer leaves the ending open… *cough* Inception*cough cough* and leaves your brain like mush. La La Land has a realistic ending which makes you go “awwww thats a shame” but then you accept that its just life and it just happens sometimes.Thanks for the closure.

TWO MIND FUCKS IN THIS FILM.(Maybe just my mind…?)

  1. Emma Stone is acting in a film where she plays an actress. The actress is then acting in a play in the film. So Emma is acting as an actress who is then acting again for an acting job…. get where i’m coming from? …no… okay.
  2. When Miah and Sebastian are in the cinema watching a movie. WE’RE IN THE CINEMA WATCHING A MOVIE, WATCHING THEM WATCH A MOVIE… mess with anyone else’s mind? …Inception.. A dream within a dream… Mind fucked.

Walking out of the cinema I overheard someone say they didn’t enjoy the film and THEY never want to watch it again… yes we did try to hunt them down but lost them. Everyone can have their own opinions… but theirs was wrong.

Was this film life changing?

Yes. Quit your boring job, go after what makes you happy and always support the ones you love because if you do, it will all work out in the end.

Heres to the fools who dream.

CONTROVERSIAL OPINION… Ryan Gosling is not attractive.



A film by the makers of Frozen…

Meaning there will be singing and a cute character that makes you go “awww” every scene it’s in. In this case is was a micro-pig!

Firstly the film will confuses you by letting you get into a beginning of a short movie which turns out to be a long clip trying to teach a life lesson about following your heart instead of your brain. THIS IS NOT THE FILM! THERE ARE NO CUTE PIGS.

This film will make your desire to go to a white sanded island with crystal clear waters ten times worse… and the need to buy a micro pig.

The singing wasn’t too much and they didn’t have a mega catchy song like ‘Let it go’ so your children wont be bursting your eardrums. I spent about 80% of the time listening very closely to ‘Maui’ trying to figure out who did the voice over for him as I refused to Google it.

Is this film life changing?

Not for me BUT I will make my future children watch this film as it might be for them. Its nice to see a Disney film without a Princess in a big dress getting attention from a handsome prince. Buy a micro pig, travel the world, defeat a lava monster. Maybe meet a prince in the mean time.

…Also chickens are thick… but also funny.